March 19,  2014

Our bank opened its doors for business for the very first time on May 13, 1889.  That means on May 13, 2014, we will be celebrating our 125th consecutive year of business!  That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age.

What has served us well during these 125 years is the conservative philosophy laid down and established by our founders.  It has guided us through the many changes, both up and down, in the national and local economies.

One of the principal founders of our bank was Thomas A. Logan, brother to the famous civil war General John A. Logan.  In fact, the first stockholders’ meeting was held in Tom Logan’s office.  It doesn’t get any more home-grown than that!

For the past many years, our motto has been, “We have our roots where others have their branches”.  That’s because we were founded in Murphysboro by people who developed Murphysboro.  Other names associated with our founding are Wall, VanCloostere, Murphy and Parker.  These are family names still found in Murphysboro.

More importantly, however, is that we have been supported by Murphysboro and its citizens all of these many decades.  For that, we owe our very existence!

My personal philosophy has been that the survival of Murphysboro depended on our bank AND the survival of our bank depended on Murphysboro . . . . .a partnership that is soon to be 125 years old.

Be sure to check back with us to see just how we intend to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Michael Cripps,
President and CEO